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Apr 8, 2012

Oracle Payable R12, New Invoicing related Features Part-1

New features Offered in R12 Oracle Payables (Invoicing).

1.In R12 Oracle Payables we have 3-tier hierarchical Invoice architecture

2.In R12 Oracle Payable Invoice line is now a Child of Invoice header and parent of invoice distribution entity.

3.Three different ways are available to enter an invoice from the Invoice workbench
a.Invoice header to Invoice Lines and then to Invoice Distributions.
b.Invoice as matched to a Purchase Order or Receipt, they will need to
manually look for and pick the matched records from searching result.
c.Quick match to have the matched data automatically fetched from PO or
Receipt, and then populated into the invoice.
4.The Invoice distribution entity will now exist as the child of the Invoice line entity. When the invoice lines are created, the distribution data are automatically generated and tied to the lines.

5.Another new feature is multi-period accounting entry , with this mechanism used cab create deferred accounting data for future data.

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