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Apr 1, 2012

iPhone Mobile Browser Apps to Access BPEL Webservice(based on Oracle Apps) and BPM Worklist

This is short presentation about How to access a BPEL based Web service from iPhone UI ( Developed with Mobile ADF), plus how to access BPM worklist from iPhone.

Requirement -
Design BPEL Human Taskflow Web Service and Access that from iPhone.For My Test case I have Designed a BPEL based web service(this web service used Oracle Applicationss public api to check the status of Purchase Order).
If status of Purchase Order is Approved then just return the status , Else for any other Status send an FYI Notification(Designed in BPEL Human taskflow) to buyer via BPM Worklist.

Step Implemented to fulfillment above requirement-

  1. Create a PL/Sql API to check the status of Purchase Order.
  2. Create the BPEL process and call above pl/sql API as database Adapter.Expose BPEL process as Web Service.
  3. Create data control from the Web Service created above.Create ADF UI based on this Web Service data control.
  4. Run the ADF from iPhone and Test for few PO status
  5. Add a new scenario (FYI Notification)- Check the status of any PO and If the PO status is not Approved then send an FYI Notification to Buyer.
  6. Add Human task flow to BPEL Process for Notification , If the PO status is not Approved then send an FYI Notification to Buyer in BPM WorkList.



  1. Hi!
    I am not able to view the presentation.can you please fix it

  2. Hi!

    I have fixed the display issue , in case you have any other issue while viewing this presentation , do let me know.

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