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Apr 8, 2012

Oracle Payable R12 New Invoicing related Features Part-2

In Continuation to my previous post (Part-1), below are additional New features Offered in R12 Oracle Payables(Invoicing)

6.Now Oracle Payables enables invoice approval at both header and line levels.

7.The invoice corrections can be made with various types, including price corrections, quantity corrections and amount corrections, at invoice line level.

8.With invoice lines implementations, freight charge can be easily allocated to the real item lines on item.

9.User can apply the available prepayment onto the current invoices during the creation of standard invoices. Pre-Payment will be created a separate line in the Invoice and Gross amount of the invoice will be automatically reduced based on the Pre-payment amount.

10.During Invoice Validation process Oracle Payable validation process will check for validation of the various rules (set of invoices) , and of there is any violation of the tolerances rules then the invoice will be put on hold.

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  1. Hi

    Its Salman here, we corresponded a few days back on the AME issue.

    There is something I need to know about Receivables. As I understand you cannot create a debit memo reversal for a misc receipt. But you need to create a debit memo reversal if there is chargeback associated with it or some other conditions are true like credit card refund, etc, now what to do if the above conditions are true but the receipt is a miscellaneous one?