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Apr 5, 2011

Drop Ship Sales Order in Oracle Order Management (Part-2)

Features of Drop Ship Order lines -

Once an order line has been specified as an External order, Order Management does notallow reservations to be placed against the order line.

When performing drop shipments of models or kits or standard items, the scheduled ship date is defaulted from the order line request date, and Oracle Global ATP calculations are ignored (demand for drop ship orders are not visible to Oracle Planning products).

Drop Shipment orders cannot consume forecast demand for standard items, ATO items, and models and their respective components.

Use standard Order Management functionality to process return material authorizations (RMAs). Your customers can return drop shipped items to you or to your supplier. If you receive the return into your inventory, you can retain it or ship it to your supplier.

Mass Change and order line attribute Source Type
You can perform a Mass Change for the order line attribute Source Type. The order line attribute Source Type is available (as a field) within the Shipping Tab of the Mass Change window

Note: If the buyer makes changes to the requisition or purchase order in Oracle Purchasing after Purchase Release has been run, or modifies the sales order after the PO has been created, use the Order Management Sales Order and Purchase Order Discrepancy Report to note differences between the original sales order and its associated purchase order.

Confirmation of Shipment and Receipt
Standard Oracle Purchasing functionality confirms that your supplier has completed the drop shipment. Confirmation may be as simple as a phone call, or it may include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) documents, such as an Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) and an Advance Shipping and Billing Notice (ASBN).
When you receive shipment confirmation, enter a receipt in Oracle Purchasing, even if the drop shipped item is not transactable. This creates inbound and outbound material transactions in your system for accounting purposes. Drop shipment orders can be processed across Ledgers, operating units, or legal entities.

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