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Apr 5, 2011

Drop Ship Sales Order in Oracle Order Management (Part-1)

Drop Ship Sales Order
Drop shipping functionality enables you to take an order from your customer and fulfill it directly from your supplier's site. Order Management enables you to enter drop ship sales orders and lines for standard, model and kit, and configured items, although you currently cannot perform a drop shipment for Ship Model Complete (SMC) PTO's.
You can receive orders for items that you do not stock or for which you lack sufficient inventory, and have a supplier provide the items directly to your customer

The supply and demand details for drop ship orders are
not visible to Oracle Planning applications. Therefore, it is recommended that you associate a separate logical (dummy) organization for shipping drop ship orders; the logical organization should not be included in your planning processes.

When processing drop shipments for orders that contain models or kits, you can drop ship individual items within non SMC PTO configurations from different vendors or even ship several components from your own inventory.

In Oracle Order managementg we have Attribute Source Type, a value Source Type ='External' means it is Drop Ship. we can default Source Type from organizational item attribute,"Default SO Source Type", please note that If the value of this attribute is NULL, Order Management will default the value Internal.

Oracle Order Management seeded constraints will not enable you to perform changes to the Source Type value if the branch on source type workflow activity within the Create Supply - Line workflow subprocess has completed.

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