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Oct 20, 2011

MOAC in R12 ....R12 Upgrade Series Part -2

This Post is my continuation of my Posts on R12 Upgrades.This one is short post about MOAC Multi-Org-Access Feature

Below are high level details of MOAC feature and it's impact on various Modules.

Accounting Setup Manager
Define and manage your Operating Units and their relationships to Legal Entities and Ledgers in a central location

View and manage customers across Operating Units and within the context of a global collections currency. Apart from that collections tasks can be done across Operating Units

Global Purchase Agreements
Negotiate with your suppliers for your enterprise, not just particular Operating Units.

Enter and pay invoices across Operating Units

Customer Data Management
View customer accounts, merge and import data for multiple Operating Units.

Supply Chain
Receiving transactions across any OU (Project, PO, Requisition and Above all user can select an inventory item from any Operating Units.

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