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Oct 28, 2010

Sales Order and RMA with Serial Control Items

This is a short Power Point Presentation in SharePoints , about how to define Serial Control Items in Oracle Inventory Module and then how to use Serial Number while Creating Sales Order and RMA Orders.

I have explained everything in Power Point Presentation,Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


  1. Hi there, appreciate your efforts, however I think the documentation is incomplete as there are multiple parameters affect the functionality of creating a sales order against items having "At receipt" serial control.

    Unless you have Organization parameter "Allocate
    Serial Numbers" with value "Yes" assigned, the pick launch release will fail throwing API related error pointing towards not allocating serial numbers. Your only choice is to manually transact the move order, which was created through the pick launch in this case. Once the allocation is done and the move order transacted, the user could go ahead with the ship confirm. Please update your documents



  2. Raj

    There are different way to do different things, you input is one of those User case.

    thanks for update ..

    feedback are always very welcome