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Sep 27, 2010

Service Data Objects (SDOs) and How to Invoke SDO in BPEL Composite (Part-1)

This Post is with reference to Service Data Objects (SDO) and how to Invoke SDOs in BPEL/SOA Composite.I recommened please refer my Post Service Data Objects (SDOs) in Oracle ADF and How to Integrates SDOs with BPEL for MORE Details on SDO.

This Complete Presentation is 4 Part Serives , here I will illustrate the usage of SDOs and will explain with example about how to use Service Data Objects(SDO) in an SOA Composite for accessing and manipulating data.

Part -1
we will use ADF-BC to create view objects that are made available as SDOs through an ADF-BC service.

Part -2
We then use this service to retrieve data from the database using the primary key of the table and then subsequently update the retrieved row.

Part -3
call SDOs in SOA composite(BPELFlow) by means of Bind variables.This Part will cover
  1. How to define Bind variable in BPEL .
  2. How to Associate Bind variable with Entity Variables
  3. How to Invole Web Servies(SDO based) in BPEL
Part -4 - End to end testing.

Part -1
Here I will explain with a Short Youtube presenation about  create a service that exposes data objects as SDOs. Please Pause the Video as and wehn required ( I am still working the Audio part).

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