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Sep 3, 2010

KIT Item Stuck at AWAITINg SHIIPING rest every thing is CLOSED.

Customer reported that their KIT item got stuck at the Awaiting Shipping status , and at the same time INCLUDED item lines got Ship Confirmed and finally Closed. Intended behavior for a KIT is , as soon as we book the Sales Order ,KIT line workflow go all the way to DEFERRED-FULFILL and once we run  workflow background process , it progress to FULFILL-NOTIDED status and flow status code on Sales Order line will be AWAITING_FULFILLMENT, and KIT line will remains on that status till INCLUDED Item lines FULFILL-NOTIFIED status.Once Included items in Fulfill-Notifed status they will progress the KIT line too for Invoicing/Close.

During analysis of the problem I have notice that customer has setup KIT as shippable lines and because of that KIT also interfaces to WDD (WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS) table and eligible for Pick Release/Ship confirm ,During Pick release  KIT line got BACK ORDER , as their was no stock ever created for KIT , on the other hand INCLUDED items successfully shipped and invoiced and closed,and all that leads to Remnancy in the KIT , and Model Remnant Flag for all the lines = Y.Please Note Once this flag = Y system will process every line as a Standard line and progress the Individual line, and that was what had happened in that case .Since the Complete KIT become Remenant , system has progress the INCLUDED lines to Close , while KIT Item was back order and stuck as AWAITING SHIPPING status.

Best Solution is - Don't define the KIT as Shippable , but if you have some business requirement to define KIT as Shippable , then make sure you have stock for KIT.

Hope that helps

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