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Aug 22, 2010

Oracle OAF setup for Oracle Application

This Post is about How to Setup JDeveoper for Oracle Application Development..Below are Simple Steps ( with Screen Shot) , about How to Install and Configure OAF

1.Down Load from ( Best is go to metalink and download the version suitable for your Oracle Application Release).
2.Go to Control Panel > System> System properties > Advance tab > Envirnoment Variables button > Define your JDev Home by means of defining Variable JDEV_USER_HOME and assign your Path like .
3.Open/Create OAF Project ( you need to define workspace for OA(Oracle Application) and then a Project inside that.
4.Once Project is Created/open , Right click on the Project and Select Project Properties and
  • Assign DBC File  -Don't make any chnage in it unless instructed by DBA( or someone who has provided you this file)
  • Enter Oracle Apps User Name/Password
  • Enter Application Short Name /Responsibility Key.Please Note that User in the above Step should have access to Responsibility you are selecting in this Step
( Please Refer the Below Screen Short for Further Details).

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