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Jun 22, 2010

Oracle BPEL Business Rule with Decision table

This is a short Demo ( My First with You Tube) about how to design a BPEL flow with Business Rulle along with Decision table.
In My last post I have explain how to design the (If - Then - Else ) Business Rule .

In this post I will explain how to Design Business Rule with decision table.

"Decision tables are an efficient way to describe a rule when there are more than a few cases to your valuation. You set up the table with each case in a column and for each, you specify the action. The decision table calculates where there are conflicting cases, where your ranges overlap, and also calculates where you have a hole, where your cases miss a value or range in the input data. Decision tables help you design your evaluation with the confidence that you have done it correctly."
In my example , requirement is if

Qty Ordered < 0 , Discount = 0
Qty Ordered 0 to 50 , Discount = 4%
Qty Ordered 51- 75 , Discount = 6%
Qty Ordered >= 75, Discount = 10%

As shown in Video ,
I define the BPEL Component in Composite and then Drag and Drop Business Rule.
Configure the Business Rule in Composite
Drag and Drop the Business Rule in the BPEL flow and Configure again.

First Test I exeuted with Negative Qty and Get 0% discount , but in 2nd test I executed for 56 and System return me 6% discount

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