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Jun 3, 2010

Error - Correction quantity is larger than available quantity

This post is with continuation to my previous post Correction For RMA where I made correction in an RMA lines before I deliver the goods, here customer has requirement to do the correction after we Deliver the goods in the inventory. This is not possible with out of box functionality. Here I will explain this with am example.

Suppose we have RMA line
  • With Order qty = 10.
  • Book the Order line
  • Receive the Order line (Save, it in turns execute RTP), just receive and don’t deliver the qty. ( it will populate the shipped quantity field).
  • Perform the Deliver Transaction, it trigger the RTP ( it will populate the fulfilled quantity field).
  • System will progress the line to Workflow Invoicing Activity and finally close.
  • Now try to perform Correction transaction with Qty = -6 (Minus), system will prompt error message (Correction quantity is larger than available quantity).



  1. Hi,

    I am also facing the same issue. Did anyone find reason why.


  2. If your case is same as I have explained above then , this is very much expected behaviors .Once you deliver the good to Inventory for an RMA Stock will go up as well as workflow will progress and create a Credit Memo ( if your work has this activity) and finally it close).
    There is no way to return the good back to customer once you Perform the Deliver transaction.

    Few things that come to my mind are -

    1.Do a MISC Issue Transactions.
    2.Create another sales Order and ship goods to customer .


    Hope that helps