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Jun 3, 2010

Correction for RMA Order Line and line Split

In this post I will discuss about behaviors of RMA Order Line if we perform Correction during the Receiving process. Let me explain this with an example.

Suppose we have RMA line

With Order qty = 10.
  • Book the Order line
  • Receive the Order line (Save , it in turns execute RTP), just receive and don’t deliver the qty. ( it will populate the shipped quantity field).
  • Now before you do deliver, perform Correction operation with Qty = -6 (Minus)
  • Save the Transaction. Save process with Triggers RTP .
  • One Completion of RTP, System will split the Order line.
  • Now One line has Order Qty 6 , Shipped Qty = 0and Status "Awaiting Return", where has other line has Ordered Qty = 4 , Shipped Qty = 4 , and status = "Awaiting Return Disposition".
  • Perform the Delivery Transaction for line with Qty 4, System will trigger RTP (it will populate the fulfilled quantity field).
  • System will progress the line to Workflow Invoicing Activity and finally close.


1 comment:

  1. We tried this and cannot do following. receiving line Qty was -1, did receiving to dock. Status became ' awaiting return' to 'awaiting return disposition'. Now we realised the part number on the line was wrong. How can we revert to ' awaiting return'.. The issues we face are following (1) when we try to go through receipt to put negative Qty in receiving, the transaction window does not open (2) for final dispostion it won't take negative qty