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Mar 19, 2010

Order Managemnt Line Flow - Generic, Bill Only with Inventory Interface in R12i

This post is about the workflow "Line Flow - Generic, Bill Only with Inventory Interface " available in Oracle Apps Order Management.

Most of time ct. used this workflow if they don't want to perform Shipping , e.g If we go to Walmart and buy some stuff and then carry the good along with us. In this case Walmart just required to do Invoicing (Billing ) and reduce Inventory ( need to run Inventory Interface) , so this workflow is best for these type of scenarios.

Here I will talk about the Change in User experience when Migrate from R11i to R12i with respect to OPM items.

If customer is using Line Flow - Generic, Bill Only with Inventory Interface and Items are defined in the OPM Inventory (not using Discrete Inventory) , then the user experience will change in R12 as compared to R11i.

With the R12 onwards the OPM and Discrete Inventory is Integrated and now user can define OPM as well as Discreate Items in the same UI ( Discrete Inventory UI is enhanced for this purpose).With OPM and Discreate Inventory now is in 1 Module , when ever user create Sales Order with this workflow system will prompt user and ask him to Enter the Subinventory Code ( it doesnlt matter if it belongs to OPM or Discrete).

Where as in R11i , system never ask user to provide the Subinventory Code for OPM items.

In case you don't want user to Enter SubInventoty , you can define a Defaulting rule to populate the SubInventory ( If your requirement is complex you can define defaulting rule based on PL/SQL api).

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  1. Thanks, thats a good to know feature and nice explanation.

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    Its helpful to me and others.
    Awadhesh Singh.