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Dec 9, 2009

Sales Order line stuck at "Create Supply Order - Eligible".

In this blog I will explain why some time Sales Order line stuck at "Create Supply Order - Eligible" , and every attemept to progress it push the workflow to SHIP activity but then again back to Create Supply activity with result = Unreserve.

I have notice that this is very common issue that customer encounter , Workflow for order line looks good and at SHIP_LINE - Notified , but then it go backs ro "Create Supply " workflow activity with Result code = Unreserve.
In Order management we have different kinds of flows and their is possibility that this issue MAY appears in any type of flow (ONE and ONLY reason for this type of issues is DATA CORRUPTION).In this blog I will explain only why that has happend in Back to Back Orders.

Reason is very Simple - When a requisition gets created for a Sales Order line, order line gets reserved to this requisition. When sub inventory information is changed for this line, this reservation gets deleted and line moves back to Supply Eligible state.Point I want to explain here is if any changes made to back to back order line that impact the values like
Schedule ship date,
Quanity etc.
Sales Order line moves back to Supply Eligible state.


  1. I am trying to create Back to Back order
    - Item is ATO item on Order Management tab
    - In WIP tab Built in WIP Checked
    - Supply type is push
    But whenever i book order the line status is 'Awaiting Supply' instead of 'Supply Eigible'
    Unable to do next step "progress order"
    Kindly help if i am missing something........
    Thanx, for the wonderful support and suggestions given by you all.

  2. hi friends,
    i've try to put back to back sales order.i got below status
    B2B Item Showing 'Awaiting Supply' Not Supply Eligible After Booking the Sales Order
    i done all the setups perfectly...

    plze help me

  3. It looks to me that as soon as you book the order , work flow moves to create Supply Order - Line Manual Subprocess , and from the activity Check reservation it took the flow path RESERVED and move out of the create Supply Order subprocess .Thus the staus become Awaiting Supply , Can you look into the workflow and see...