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Nov 24, 2009

Scheduling in Oracle Order Management

Scheduling on order management determines source (warehouse) for the sales order line.
If we enter the warehouse manually or with defaulting rules on Sales Order , scheduling action uses the requested warehouse and derive the scheduling results are based on it.

It derives
   1.  Schedule ship date.
   2. Schedule arrival date
   3. Delivery lead time and
   4. Shipping method.

But If the warehouse is blank, the scheduling action determines the best warehouse based on the sourcing rules.
Scheduling also set the VISIBLE_DEMAND_FLAG to Yes and makes order line visible to the planning applications .If the reservation time fence is set and the schedule ship date is within the reservation time fence, automatically reserves the line.

We can schedule the line automatically by setting either of below options
  1. Setting Profile option - OM:AutoSchedule
  2. Set the Autoscheduling check box while defining the Order Transaction type.
  3. From Order UI , Sales order line Tools > Autoschedule.

Or Set scheduling Manually by

  1. Right click the line and then Select  progress Order.
  2. Run Concurrent Program "Schedule Orders".
  3. Use workflow to schedule line.
  4. Select the Order line then Tools > Scheduling from Sales Order form

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