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Nov 17, 2009

BPEL to BPEL Synchronous Interaction.

As a continutation to my earlier 2 blogs about for Interaction b/w Mediator and BPEL Process (
I will explain Interaction between BPEL 2 BPEL Process with simple example.

Complete Process -
BPEL Process 1 will call BPEL Process 2.Both are Synchronous processess.

In this example I will use Message Type "OrderInfo"  Message Type Element.Please Refer for More Information on "OrderInfo" Message Type.

Import theMessage type in your Project and assign that to input and output variable of BPEL Process 1.

BPEL Process -1
Design BPEL Process 1 with simple Assign activity b/w input and output variables.

Design BPEL Process 2 , with simple Assign activity b/w input and output variables.Assign the message structure "OrderInfo" to input and output variable of BPEL Process 2.

Configure the Assign activity of Process 2 , by Double Click > Copy Operations > Copy i/p to o/p and copy Constant Expression "BPEL 2" to Status2 filed of message structure as shown below.

Open the BPEL Process 1 again and add INVOKE actvity in flow to call the BPEL process 2(BPELProcess3).

Configure the Invoke activity as shown below.

In Assign_1 activity in Process 1 , assign the input variable to input of the invoke activity as shown below.

Add another Assign activity in Process 1 , right below the invoke actity and assign the outcome of the invoke activity to output of BPEL Process.

Compile your Project and Deploy.

Testing - Run the BPEL Process and add the Input data ( Based on Order Info Element).

Verify the output.


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  2. Once again this is really example , I am trying to install SOA suite , if possible send me some pointer for installation guides