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Oct 9, 2009

How to Process ATO Config Line in Hybrid Model (Pto In ATO) , with out creating Work Order.

In case of a Hybrid Model (in this example ATO inside PTO), when we Book the Order, lines that belongs to PTO or ATO follow different workflow and has different status.
In case of PTO, Model /Class/Option status will be booked and workflow will be at Fulfilled - Deferred.
In case of ATO, ATO Model will be in status book and workflow will at 'CreateConfig-Eligible'. All other components of ATO Model like Option/class are in status Booked and workflow at Fulfilled- Deferred.
Please Note that Included Item in case of PTO will be in Awaiting Shipping status and workflow in SHIP_LINE Notified , we can Pick release these lines.

In case of ATO, to Config Model select the ATO Model and select progress Order , It will create the CONFIG Item (Or  we can say  * item). Now select the CONFIG item and Press the Process Order, it will create the Work order /PO requisition depends on your setup,

Many a cases ct. has already have Pre-Configuration items in there Inventory, and they don’t want to Create Work Order for Configure Items.

To achieve this functionality , perform the following setup.

BOM: Match to Existing Configurations = Yes (site level)
BOM: Automatic Reservations = Yes (site level)

Go to Item master and in BOM tab , Set 'Match Configuration' in master items for the ATO model to 'Standard Match'.

With all this setup , when you select the CONFIG Line (* item) , and Select Progress Order , CONFIG LINE status will be "Awaiting Shipping" and workflow for Order line will be "SHIP_LINE" Notified.

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