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Oct 9, 2009

Process to Create Purchase Order from Manual Purchasing Requisition.

#1 Create Oracle Requisition.
Navigate to OraclePurchasing responsibility and Open requisition UI , Enter Information like
  • Requisition Type
  • Item Code
  • Quantity and Price
  • Need By Date

Save requisition and Note Down the requisition # , and Approve requisition.

Navigate to "Auto Create " and Query for Requisition # in Auto Create UI.

Create PO by selecting the Automatic (provide te Supplier Name and Site).

Approve the PO.

Once PO Approved , we can create Receipt against it in Receiving ,Create and Match Supplier Invoice against it.

In case requisition details come from other System like Order management or legacy , everything thing remain unless ,But there is no need to create manual requisiton , as requisitions would be created by Requisition Import Process.

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