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Oct 16, 2009

How to call PL/SQL Procedure from BPEL

This is a Simple blog where I explain
1.How to Create a DBAdaptor (Partner link) in BEPL to call a PL/SQL  procedure .
In case visibility is not clear , double click the screen Shot.

Lots of such examples available at

Step -1  Create a BEPL Application in JDev11g.

Make Sure it is Synchronous template.

Step - 2
Drag Database Adapter and configure it.
Step 3
Select the Operation Type.
In my example it is "Call a Store Procedure/Function".
Step 4
Select the Procedure.


Drag Invoke activity in the BPEL flow and then Invoke the DB Adapter from it. 
Step 6
Our Process is ready , Now to make this BPEL flow work , I add to dummy Assign activity in the flow.
Assign_1 and Assign_2
Assign_1 - This will assign the input variable to Input variable of Invoke activity.

Assign_2 - This will assign the output variable of Invoke activity to output variable of BPEL Flow.

Why I called them as dummy activity , because I am not using values input to this process any where .
My example PL/SQL Procedure has one INSERT Clause that just Insert hardcoded values in table.


I/p variable for Invoke activity.

Step 7
Copy functionof ASSIGN_1 , it just copy input variable of BPEL process to Input variable of Invoke activity.

Step 8
Add Assign_2 and perform COOPY operation.

Step 9 - Complete Process
Step 10 - Deployment


Step 11 - Testing -1
Step 11 - Testing -2

Step 11 - Testing -3
Step 11 - Testing -4

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