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Oct 6, 2009

Do we Need fulfillment Set for a Model.

Oracle Order Management has provided functionality of fulfillment set. We can assign all the lines to a fulfillment set if we want them to fulfill together ( means Invoice together).
Once lines are in F Set , they will fulfill together .
We can assign line to fulfillment set
Explicitly & Implivitly.

Explicitily means we select the lines and assign to the fulfillment set. Any time you assign the lines to a fulfillment set , it is explict .
On the Other hand for all type of Models
Order Management define an implicit fulfillment set and associate all lines of model with it .

pls note that in case of implicit fulfillment set we don't have any data in OE_SETS/OE_LINE_SETS table.Oracle take care of F Set by means of
1. link_to_line_id

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