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Feb 8, 2024

How to find the reversal journal details of a journal in EBS

 When a journal is reversed, the following fields will be populated in the Original Journal related to the Reversal Journal: ACCRUAL_REV_FLAG, ACCRUAL_REV_STATUS, ACCRUAL_REV_JE_HEADER_ID, ACCRUAL_REV_PERIOD_NAME, ACCRUAL_REV_EFFECTIVE_DATE

Execute below query to identify the reversal journal. The below query will give you the reversed journal header name, header id and period.

    glhr.je_batch_id    "Reversal JE Batch ID",           "Reversal JE Name",
    glhr.je_header_id   "Reversal JE Header ID",
    glhr.period_name    "Reversal JE Period Name"
    gl_je_headers   glho,
    gl_je_headers   glhr
    glho.accrual_rev_je_header_id = glhr.je_header_id
    AND glho.accrual_rev_je_header_id IS NOT NULL
    AND glho.je_header_id = &je_header_id;

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