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Apr 11, 2023

How to Subscribe OIC integrations to OFS( Oracle Field Service Cloud)

You can create a subscription for one or more Oracle Field Service Cloud events. Events are generated when there is a change in the application, for example, activity created, activity completed, inventory installed, and so on. For more information on the list of the events for which you can create a subscription,

The Event resource contains information about any operation performed in Field Service Cloud. The information may include, the time of an operation, the user who performed the operation and the changes that were made. The Events resource serves as a means of retrieving such actions and their details for further use by external applications.

In this post we will create a smile OIC flow and subscribe to the OFS events like Call creation /Call Update/Call Move /Call Completion etc.

  • Create an OIC flow ( App based orchestration)

  • Drag OIC connection in the Canvas
  • Name your endpoint

  • Select the business object that you want to send to the target application. The Oracle Field Service Cloud Adapter supports operations on these business objects:
    • Activity
    • Inventory
    • Required Inventory
    • Route
    • Resource
    • Resource Inventory  and many more

  • Selects the events that you want to send to the target application.These events are available for the Activity business object:
    • Activity Created
    • Activity Updated
    • Activity Started
    • Activity Suspended
    • Activity Completed
    • Activity Not Done  etc
  • Click on the Config link and identify the specific data element that you would like to listen ( optional)

  • Enter the filter expression to apply to the operation ( if applicable). Only events matching this filter are added to this event subscription. Filter expressions are supported with the Activity and Inventory business objects.

  • And you flow is ready for testing .

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