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Apr 12, 2023

How to Handle Interrupt Activity in OFS with OIC


Many a time we have requirements in Oracle Field Service Cloud where Tech. while working on activity need to suspend the activity he is working on and so some thing else , say Pick additional Part

Such functionality can be achieved in OFS by 

  • Suspending the Main activity
  • Create a new Interrupt Activity
  • Complete the Interrupt activity
  • Start the Suspended activity
In this post I will give a high level overview about how we can handle above functionality in OIC to support OFS.
  1. Technician while working in the Activity Suspend the activity . They can suspend the activity by following below steps
    1. Go to the Activities page in OFS.
    2. Click the activity you want to suspend.
    3. In the activity hint, click Suspend.
    4. In the Suspend activity dialog box, select the reason for suspending the activity and add any notes you think might be helpful.
    5. Click Submit.
    6. The activity will be suspended and will no longer be available to be worked on. You can resume the activity at any time by going to the Activities page and clicking Resume next to the activity.
  2. Create a OIC flow that has subscription for OFS , as soon as OIC catch the Activity Suspended event , OIC will perform following actions
    1. Create a New Activity of Type Interrupt 
    2. Start this new activity ( Tech. need not start this)
  3. Once technician completed this interrupt activity, make sure teach pick the suspended (Main) activity as Next activity 

Some Additional Details : 

Steps to create Interrupt activity Manually

  1. Go to the Activities page in OFS.
  2. Click the New Activity button.
  3. In the Activity Type field, select Interrupt.
  4. In the Description field, enter a description of the activity.
  5. In the Start Date field, enter the start date of the activity.
  6. In the End Date field, enter the end date of the activity.
  7. In the Duration field, enter the duration of the activity.
  8. In the Location field, enter the location of the activity.
  9. Click the Save button.

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