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Aug 27, 2017

Function of Packages in ODI -

Packages - A Package is made up of a sequence of steps organized into an execution diagram.
Packages are the main objects used to generate scenarios for production .
They represent the data integration workflow and can perform, for example, the following jobs:
  1. Start a reverse-engineering process on a datastore or a model
  2. Send an email to an administrator
  3. Download a file and unzip it
  4. Define the order in which mappings must be executed
  5. Define loops to iterate over execution commands with changing parameters.

Creating the Package
This section describes how to create the Load Sales Administration Package. To create the
Load Sales Administration Package perform the following steps:
1. Create a New Package
2. Insert the Steps in the Package .
3. Define the Sequence of Steps in the Package

Define the Sequence of Steps in the Package
Once the steps are created, you must reorder them into a data processing chain. This chain has
the following rules:
  1. It starts with a unique step defined as the First Step.
  2. Each step has two termination states: Success or Failure.
  3. A step in failure or success can be followed by another step, or by the end of the Package.
  4. In case of failure, it is possible to define a number of retries.
A Package has one entry point, the First Step, but several possible termination steps.

Auto-completion functions are available in ODI Studio. In the Expression, type  Table_Name  and
then press <CTRL-SPACE>, a pop-up window displays available field

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