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Jun 26, 2016

Oracle eAM Work Order AutoComplete Process

Many a times volume of the work order completion is overwhelmed and authorized users have very hard time to complete all the eligible work order.As a results there are huge backlog for orders where all the operations are already completed and authorized though received the completion notification but still not ableto complete them because
1.There are other pressing tasks.
2.Don’t have time to verify status of each and every operations/task associated with work orders.
Work order completion is not just a click of button activity ,  to maintain data integrity oracle eAM performs various  validation before it close a work order.

To ease the workorder completion process we have developed a Auto Complete solution to complete eligible work orders.  As part of this solution user can create multiple rules to complete the work orders. Once rules are active , based on rule conditions system will automatically pick eligible work orders and complete  it , plus generate report to print all work orders that are completed by autocomplete  process.

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