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Jul 11, 2014

Corporate credit card functionality for Oracle Internet Expenses

corporate credit card functionality for Oracle Internet Expenses 

When you implement the corporate credit card functionality for Oracle Internet Expenses (OIE) , we have 3 payment options
  1. Individual Pay. Employee pays the credit card provider for all credit card transactions.
  2. Both Pay. The employee pays the credit card provider for personal expenses, and your company pays the credit card provider for business expenses.
  3. Company Pay. Company pays the credit card provider for all transactions.
In this Short post I will explain Individual Pay.

The individual pay scenario is simpler than both or company pay. Whether a user identifies credit card transactions as business or personal expenses, the user pays the credit card provider for all transactions. When the employee creates an expense report, only those transactions designated as business are reported on the expense report. The employee is eventually reimbursed by their employer for those credit card business expenses.

To process credit card transactions:
1. Obtain the credit card transactions data file from your credit card provider.

2. Load and validate your transactions. 

3. Create and submit expense report. When users create expense reports, they select the credit card transactions that they want to submit on an expense report. During this step, users determine if transactions are business or personal expenses. By default, transactions are flagged as Business. Users will only be reimbursed by their employers for business expenses. Once processed on an expense report, credit card transactions are no longer available in the list of transactions to be added to expense reports. This is true for both business and personal expenses.

4. Approve and Review Expense Reports.

After the user submits the expense report, the manager needs to approve the expense report. After the manager has approved the expense report, then your expense report needs to be verified to ensure that required receipts are sent in and that the expense report is in compliance with your company's business policies.

5. Export the Expense Reports into Payables.
After the expense report has been approved and reviewed, it is ready to be exported into Payables as an invoice. To create the invoice due to the employee, you need to select the Source of Internet Expenses when you run the Expense Report Export program.


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