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Jul 15, 2014

Oracle Order Management : Order Line Cancellation

Some facts of Order Line cancellation - 

If quantity is decremented before the line is booked, then it is a decrement of quantity and not a cancellation. This reason is stored if provided, but it is not mandatory.

If quantity is decremented after the line is in a booked status, the reason is required and the system treats the revised quantity as a cancellation.

A request for decrease of order quantity on pick released lines will generate an exception message during demand processing. The order quantity will not be decreased. The request for increase in Order Quantity would insert a new order line with the incremental quantity.

If the CANCEL constraint is not setup, a quantity increase would result into insertion of a new delivery line but a quantity decrease would actually reduce the quantity on the pick released line.

Models: Oracle Order Management cancels the option classes, option items, and included items in proportion to the cancelled model quantity.

Option classes: Oracle Order Management cancels the kit and included items. You can cancel components of an option class, an option class, as well as included items.You can cancel option classes in quantities which are in the same ratio as the model quantities.

You cannot cancel an order line created for a ATO configuration after booking or scheduling. Most actions against a configuration line are disabled; you should perform the action on the model line

Kits: Kits, consisting of PTO items, can be cancelled as a whole or item-wise. Like option classes, you can cancel kits in quantites which are in the same ratio as model quantities.

If you have shipped partial quantities of components in a pick-to-order configuration, you can cancel the leftover incomplete configurations

If a model (top level) is completely cancelled, configuration validation routines are executed. If you attempt to perform a partial or complete cancellation of an order line that is part of a model or kit, complete configuration validations will be executed to ensure the model configuration is still valid.

You cannot cancel:

  • Mandatory option classes or the last option item of a mandatory option class.

  • Partial quantities of option lines that would result in incomplete configurations.Proportional quantities for any children of a model must be a whole integer equivalent.

  • Included items: You cannot cancel, update, or delete included items

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