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Nov 9, 2013

Query to Get Form Personalization Details ( Oracle Applications ) from Database.

Query to Get Form Personalization Details ( Oracle Applications )  from Database.

FND_FORM_CUSTOM_RULES - The Rules for the form customizations. A rule must have 1 more more FND_FORM_CUSTOM_SCOPES and a rule may have 1 or more FND_FORM_CUSTOM_ACTIONS.

FND_FORM_CUSTOM_ACTIONS - Holds the Actions for a specified Rule 

FND_FORM - stores information about your registered application forms. Each row includes names (the actual SQL*Forms form name, and the EasyForm form title) and a description of the form. Each row also includes a flag that indicates whether this form is included in the AuditTrail audit set. You need one row for each form in each application. Oracle Application

Select Distinct
A.Form_Name , A.Enabled, C.User_Form_Name, D.Application_Name ,A.Description,Ca.Action_Type,Ca.Enabled,Ca.Object_Type,
     FND_FORM b,
     FND_FORM_TL c,
     Fnd_Application_Tl D,
     Fnd_Form_Custom_Actions ca
where a.form_name = b.form_name
And B.Form_Id = C.Form_Id
And B.Application_Id = D.Application_Id
And D.Application_Id = 660 --For Order Management
And C.User_Form_Name Like 'Sales%'  --All the Forms that Start with Sales
And A.Enabled ='Y'
and = ca.rule_id

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