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Mar 21, 2013

Steps to Process data in Counter Reading Open Interface - 2

In continuation to discussion about how to import the Counter Reading in Oracle Application using Interface table , Steps to Process data in Counter Reading Open Interface - 1 , in this Post I will highlight the APIs that we can ti import the Counter Reading in Oracle application interface.


Apart from importing the counter reading , many a time we have requirement to update the values in counter reading , this can be achieved by means of Open Interface by populating table CSI_CTR_READINGS_INTERFACE or by means of above 2 APIs.

Apart from that if we have any requirement JUST to update the ATTRIBUTES columns for counters then we have one additional option along with 

  • Above 2 APIS and 
  • open interface .
  • Third option is we can use  csi_counter_readings_pkg.update_row API ( Pls. note that this API should be use only if we want to update the ATTRIBUTE columns , for updating rest of columns we should use Open Interface table or public APIs).PLUS this is not a PUBLIC api and Oracle will not support this , any work with this ApI will be consider as customization.

Now question is why to use csi_counter_readings_pkg.update_row when PUBLIC apis are there , Well reason is,  in UPDATE_ROW api , we have very less # of validation , where as in the PUBLIC API we have tonnes of validation before system will allow you to update anything ( including Attributes) on COUNTER.

The only validation to be performed in UPDATE_ROW api are

  1. The counter value ID exists and 
  2. The reading is not disabled.
Hope that help .

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