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Jan 17, 2011

SHIP SET in Oracle Order Management

Ship Set , Order Lines and Delivery Details in OM

In Oracle Order Management When we ever add Order line in a SHIP_SET , I will add the data into OE_SETS tables as well as update OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL table for ship_set_ID.After Booking event ship_set_id got populated in WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS Table.

Now if we TRY to remove the line from the SHIP SET , system will update the WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS table and OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL table and set the ship_set_id column in both the tables to NULL.

BUT please note that once delivery is CLOSED/SHIPPED , system will not let you remove the line from SHIP_SET ( And why we need that , suppose we have say 5 lines in the SHIP SET and these lines assocaited with say 2 deliveries and if 1 of the of the delivery is closed and we want to remove the lines from the ship set the system will not let yoy do that). Only Option possible is DELETE from OE_SETS and UPDATE on WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS and OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL ( Off course best practices from the Oracle will not allow us to do any DML on base Oracle Apps table).

Hope that Helps.


  1. hi,
    please explain the funtionality of shipsets,arrival sets and fulfilment sets
    and also the how to set up line sets

  2. refer my post

    Sets in Oracle Order Management.

    It is 5 part series , though more focus is how to copy sets while copying Order , but you for sure get considerable info about sets.

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  4. hi,
    I have a shipset lets say "A" for 10 lines and lines are in awaiting shipping status.
    I have line 11 with no shipset. When I try to use the same shipset "A" for the line 11, I am not able to do that.

    Is it functionality of Oracle ?

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