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Dec 20, 2010

Top 10 R12 Upgrade Best Practices.R12 Upgrade Series - 1

  • Determine Your Upgrade Path -  More recent releases have a direct upgrade path to the latest release.
  • Treat Your Upgrade Activity as a Formal Company Project - 
    • Structured approach for managing the tasks, resolving issues, and measuring progress is critical.  Build a team with broad, comprehensive skills.
    • Project team that comprises Functional experts, technical experts and representation from the business.
    • Focus on reporting with a direction that is geared towards a BI Publishing solution
  • Prepare the Organization
    • Proactively engage stakeholders to help prepare for the project and the changes that will be experienced once deployed.
    • Emphasis on repeated testing.
    • Focus on Pre and Post Upgrade requirements

  • Understand and Mitigate Project Risks
    • Specific mitigation plans should be developed for high probability, high impact risks
    • Keep your team together for the first financial close

  • Inventory Your System
    • Examine current business requirements and Inventory modifications and determine what is still needed
  • Plan for Upgrade Architecture
    • Accurate sizing information will help guide decisions to reuse existing hardware and resources.

  • Identify Custom Code and Scripting
    • Identified customized interfaces, forms, and reports that will require additional testing through the upgrade process

  • Optimize Training Processes
    • Ensure project and support teams are proficient in the new technology
    • Train users at an optimal timeframe will help resolve most issues early.  Most users prefer training proximate to going live on the new system

  • Secure User Buy-In
    • End users must have good information about how the resulting solution will impact their roles, whether the changes are functional, user interface, or technical in nature .

  • Go Live
    • Go Live checklist created earlier in the upgrade process should be leveraged to verify that the success criteria have been achieved.
    • Set up sufficient support mechanisms to optimize early rollout experience

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