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Dec 22, 2010

Oe_interfaced_flag and Inv_interfaced_flag in wsh_delivery_details table

This post is about 2 Important fields in wsh_delivery_details table from the Order Management and Inventory point of view.

These 2 flags/fields are
  1. oe_interfaced_flag
  2. inv_interfaced_flag
these plays very important role during the ship confirm process.
As I have stated in many of my posts on ITS that interface Trip Stop(ITS)has 2 parts
  1. Order Management and 
  2. Inventory. 
OM part will takes care of updating the fields in oe_order_lines_all tables like shipping_quantity , shipped_quantity etc and INV part take care of releasing the reservation once OM part is done.

NOTE - Inventort part of the ITS always exected once OM part exected successfully.

If OM part of ITS has executed , but INV is not yet exected because of some issues then oe_interfaced_flag = Y and inv_interfaced_flag remains = X(Pending) or N . In such case we have 2 options run the ITS again  ( but this time it will executed INV part only and release the reservation and decrement the stock) , or run the "Inventory Interface Concurrent Program"

But many a time I have noticed that delivery is shipped and shipped/shipping qty etc fields got populated , but oe_interfaced_flag = N and INV_interfaced-flag = N and every run of ITS try to ryn the OM Part and erroring out( as action that should be perofrmed by ITS has already completed). In such case one good option is update oe_interfaced_flag = Y and then run ITS gain or run inventory Interface.

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