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Aug 30, 2010

Event Delivery Networks(EDN) in SOA

This is a Short Post with a Youtube Clip about EDN. In this I have explained about EDN , and how to design a simple composite application  with Events.
This is all about events (EDN) ( Note - Same thing can be done though Messages, but here we just talk about EDNs).EDN is
  1. Declarative way to work with publish-subscribe events (Generate and Consume events), that make it  Drag and Drop.
  2. It is fully declarative and developer need not to worry about the Infrastructure.He is just need to look into Raise /Publish /Subscription of the Events.
  3. It is EDL based and purely business Oriented ( I feel best application of EDN is between ADF-SOA).
  4. EDN are Asynchronous in Nature.
  5. Another feature of EDN is the ability to publish and subscribe to these events from a variety of programming environments such as Java, PL/SQL, SOA Composites, and ADF-BC applications.
I feel Business applications can utilize these EDNs to fulfill various requirements.Let's say we have requirements where when ever Sales Order line amount > 1000 , we would like to have Manual Approval of line. (Assumption - I am assuming that we have ADF based UI and business flow has designed in SOA composite (BPEL)

Now to fulfill above requirement we can design UI in ADF and design Create/Update events on Order line Amount field ,and then design a SOA Human task Approval Process bpel - flow and subscribe that to the events raised by ADF application.Whenever Line amount goes above 1000, an event will be raise and then process by SOA.Just like way we do Oracle Forms and Workflow in R11i./R12i.

NOTE - EDN are Asynchronous in Nature.

This is just a Simple example of EDN , will post some business Specific examples if possible.

YouTube Video available at -  Event Delivery Networks(EDN) You Tube

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