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Jun 24, 2010

How to do Setup so that KIT item displays Only KIT item in OM and not INCLUDED items

Their was a question about how to Set KIT Item in Order Management  so that only KIT item appears in the Sales Order and the components of the KIT  (INCLUDED item ) generated in the shipping module?

I interpreted it as reader don't want to show the Included items in the Order Management UI , and below is how we can do that

Order Management  has designed in such a way when you enter a KIT , system will pull all the data from the BOM Module and populate the Order lines table (oe_order_lines_all).

But in case you don't want to show these INCLUDED item in Order Management UI ( but data still exists in OM lines table), just go to Tools and unchecked the checkbox (show item details) . With this uncheck ,INCLUDED item will disappears from UI , but they are still exists in LINES table.

 In case you don't want to do it again and again for each order , Oracle has provide a Profile option OM: Show Line Details , if you set this to No , system will not show you the INCLUDED items.

And when ever you want to see INCLUDED item just do the Reverse , go to Tools and checked the checkbox "Show Item Details"

BUT Downsize of setting this 'No' is , it will work for  all types of MODEL and KIT , thus with this setting you will not able to see child items (included/option/class) etc for Model(ATO/PTO/KIT) etc., so it is better to set this PROFILE  at user/responsibility level .

Hope that Helps

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