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Apr 8, 2010

Effective Date in Oracle Workflow

Recenty I came across a issue where customer has save workflow from workflow builder in database with effective date as past date, Not sure why they did that , but now with all this done,all workflows that were in progress got stuck with ROOT activity complete with error status and result = #Stuck.
Only relief was they did it for a particular type of custom order line flow.

Now the possible solutions are
1.Ask customer to cancel as many these lines as possible and enter again with New workflow.
2.Purge and recreate workflow again for allthose lines where step#1 it is not possible.
3.retry the activity that is next to the activity where line workflow stuck.

We did the inital analysis and found there are consderable line that can be cancelled and ct agreed to cancel those , but then we found that there are lot of lines that are already shipped.Since workflow for line was customized so we can't explore the option of purge and recreate , and to resolve the issue only option left with me to analyse all the lines that are shipped and see what is the last activity for these lines ,and I was little lucky here , all most all the lines for this particular work was at SHIP_LINE activity with the status = Complete and as per the custom workflow definition next activity is FULFILL _LINE , so I executed the retry fulfill_lne and Bingo workflow progress to next activity.

Effective date is really very important , so be careful when you try to workflow with effective date null ( even if value is future dated).

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