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Feb 2, 2010

Workflow activity based Hold in R12

In this Post I will explain in short about the workflow activity based Hold introduced in R12.

In R12 Order Management oracle has introduced a new feature regarding hold on workflow-based activity. With this new feature, if you are try to apply a Hold on workflow (header /line) activity, and that particular activity is already complete, then system will prompt you message that this particular activity is already completed, and this will not apply a hold.(Reason ? Why you want to apply HOLD on aa activity that is already completed).

But let?s say if you have one particular activity multiple times in Oracle Order workflow, and one of the activity already completed, but others INSTANCES of similar activity has not yet started, in that case if you try to apply hold for this activity, system will not all you to apply to hold and prompt that activity is already completed. For the Hold to work here, you have to wait for the NEXT instance of the activity to start.

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