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Aug 8, 2011

RFQ to PO Receipt Cycle

This Post is about Oracle applications RFQ to Receipt Cycle.In this Post I will explain the Cycle from RFQ to PO Receipt with screen shots.
High -Lights of this Cycle is
  • RFQ
  • Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Receive against PO.

Once RFQ is created , Submit concurrent job “Request to Print the RFQ” for a supplier. On completion this job will increment print count for that supplier as shown below.
In below  Oracle Apps UIs we can see
  1. RFQ # 308,
  2. Supplier Info from Supplier List and
  3. Price Breaks.

Print RFQ for all the Suppliers by means of Concurrent Program available in Oracle Apps

Once we print the RFQ , status of RFQ become Printed , and print count will increment for all suppliers .Since we got response from the Office Supplier , Inc Site – OFFICESUPPLIER , Responded field populated for this supplier only .

 From the RFQ , Select Tools > Copy Doc .It will Create Quotations as shown below.
  1. Enter the Supplier Name for whom you want to create Quote.
  2. Press OK and it will Create Quotation.

  1.  Query for Quotation # 502.
  2. Create Purchase Order Agreement from Quotation by selected Tools > Copy Doc
  3. Press Ok and it will Create Purchase Order Agreement. 

 Query for PO Agreement and Approve it
Once Oracle Purchase agreement got approved , creates the releases for Blanket PO Agreement .In our example PO Agreement Release we have item Test001 , BUT Item Test001 has restricted to be ordered from supplier from “Approval Supplier list”, and as  our Supplier is not part of any Approve Supplier list , system will throw Error.

 For my test , I just remove the Item Test001 and Approve the Oracle Purchase Order Release and finally did the receipt against PO.


  1. This post is very helpful..Thank you so much...

  2. good to hear that you find it useful.

  3. Once we saved the receipt, transaction will be completed rt??Can you explain more on correction, retruns and creation of invoice from receipt..

  4. Yes that is very true.Once we save the receipt it trigger the receiving Process Transaction (RTP) concurrent Program and it will create receipt.Depend on your setup you might need to perform Inspection and Deliver.

    For Correction /Return refer -

    Will try to write more about correction, retruns and creation of invoice from receipt

    Hope that helps

  5. Once an RFQ is submitted, an email is sent to the suppliers. Any idea how that email is sent?
    I need to modify that email as per my client format

  6. RFQ are not workflow based , so it is notification that RFQ sent to supplier when user submit the RFQ.

    It looks to me that RFQ is calling workflow Notification code to send the notification. I need to see ....will get back to you on this.

  7. Hello,

    Is there a way to create just a PO from the Quotation and not a Blanket Purchase Agreement?


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