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Feb 11, 2010

Progress Workflow on Hold Release - New Feature in R12.1.1

Progress Workflow on Hold Release R12.1.1

In this post I will explain the new functionality “Progress Workflow When Hold Released” offered by Oracle in R121.1.1.

As of now if Order Header or Line is on a workflow driven Hold, On Release of Hold Workflow still remain as it is and not progress. To Progress the workflow user need to

Navigate ACTION > Progress Order.

This is very time consuming if there are lot of order that are either on Header or Lines Hold.User need to progress each and every Header or Line Manually.
Please Note that Hold in Order Header /Line is nothing but a workflow BLOCK activity.

In R12.1.1 Oracle has introduced a new feature – with this feature whenever a workflow driven hold is released, system will progress the workflow too (based on the setup).

In R12.1.1 Oracle has provided a new check box in the Hold UI.This new check box is “Progress Workflow on Release “. Please Note that this Check box is enable only for only those Holds that are based on Workflow based activity. For any NON-workflow based Hold this check box will not be enabled.

So whenever a User Release a Workflow based Hold and if check box “Progress Workflow on Release “ is CHECKED for that Hold the workflow Progress. BUT at the same time oracle has provided a feature to Override this Setup , that means even this check box “Progress workflow “ is checked for a Hold , user still has ability to override the progressing of the workflow.

For Overriding Oracle has provided Checkbox “Progress Workflow” in
1. Hold Release UI
2. Release Sources UI.

Advantages if having checkboxes in these 2 UI is , even though check box “Progress Workflow on Release “ is checked in Hold Setup , if user Uncheck this check box in

1. Hold Release UI
2. Release Sources UI.

Workflow will not progress. Hence progressing if the workflow in Release of Hold can be the controlled till the Hold Transaction is not finally completed.


  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I have a question, how would I know wether user has un checked the check box at the time of releasing HOLD.
    Will this information store anywhere in the data base tables ?


  2. This is non - database field.But if Hold is released then you can assumed that user has selected the check box