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Feb 16, 2010

Credit Card Changes in R12i Order Management

In this post I will explain in details about the new changes that Oracle has introduced in R12 about handling of the credit card transaction.

Oracle has made significant changes in R12 about handling of credit card Transaction

To begin with now in R12 Order Management “Credit Card Type “ will be refer as “Card Brand, also we need to enable OM profile OM: Credit Card Privileges, in order to enter credit card information in Sales Order and Payments form.

With R12 onwards OM will not store any of the Credit card/Bank Account related Information in it’s tables, all the credit and Bank related information will be encrypted and stored in a centralized system (i.e Payments). This would give enhanced security and control over such critical information.
Order Management has to link to these table to retrieve the related information

NOTE – we can still see the Credit Card related fields in OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL in R12, but OM will not store any of the credit card information in these tables and these fields are their for Backward compatibility.

In orders to protect their customer from Credit frauds (mostly when Credit Card is not physically present (Online/Over the Phone) credit card companies has provide the security code to enhance the security. In R12 Order management, Oracle has provide the field to capture the Security Code for the Credit card and again value for this field will not be store any where in the system , iy will be captured during transaction execution..

Security Code is nothing but 3 or 4 digit CCV/CCV2 code .

Now we have option to setup "Billing Address " as mandatory or Optional in Oracle Payments.If billing address is define as mandatory in oracle payments , system will  prompt user provide the billing address while processing the Orders (in case billing details are missing ).

Security Code mandatory setup
Security Code is not a mandatory field, depending on your requirement you can make it required or optional (from the Payment Setup). Flexibility to make it required or optional is one the best feature in this area.

Copy Orders with Security Code Set as Mandatory

In R12, if the security Code is set as mandatory in Payments module and user try to Copy a Sales order (with credit card information), System will prompt user to uncheck “Copy payment” information and proceed.

Authorization Hold
Please make a note that

  1. Security Code  masked completely once we save the sales order and 
  2. SECURITY CODE got cleared from the UI once Credit card is Authorized.
This some time leads to issue of Order line being put on “Authorization Hold”.Let me explain it .
As I have explained that security code will be cleared from the line record as soon as authorization is done. Now let's say with security codes are already cleared and user tries to Reauthorize the card , since security code is an essential attribute for authorization, re-authorization attempt would first put the transaction on CC Auth Hold. User can then provide the security Code value and proceed with reauthorization


  1. Good post..Helped me to resolve issue with the CC field in Sales Order Form...Explained the details in a very minute way, keep on posting good articles.

  2. Firstly, check that what kind of credit card you require and for what purpose. Secondly know about the annual percentage rate as credit cards offer different APR for cash advances, purchases and balance transfers.

  3. is it possible to delete the customer credit card data after funds settlement?

  4. I am not sure about this , from R12 onwards credit card data details exists in Oracle Payments and not in OM , you might need to explore if you can delete data from Front end.

    once funds are settle , I don't think any issue in deleting those data , BUT , but if because of some issue with the product customer return the product and ask for refund to same credit card?

  5. wow very nice and helpful content....i got the good information thank you for sharing the information...

    FCA regulation

  6. Hi Sir,

    The information you provided is really helpful to me..I have few doubts..

    1 . As you said that we need to enable OM profile OM: Credit Card Privileges, in order to enter credit card information in Sales Order form.I have done the same but still credit card fields are not enabled in sales order form.Can you please tell us why?

    2. My second question is Sales order will be created through salesforce and currently we are not storing any credit card relation information in our sales order form.How to store credit card information in our sales order form?

    Thanks in Advance !!