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Jan 28, 2010

No Workflow has been assigned to this Transaction type

As I have stated in my previous post on the Oracle Sales Negotiation, when we do the setup we should have complete picture of our requirement.

After I finished my Transaction type Setup, I was able to create and Progress the Sales Quote, but when I tried to progress quote header workflow from "Negotiation Complete - Eligible?, system was throwing Error
"No Workflow has been assigned to this Transaction type?,

I checked my negotiation workflow and it was seeded one and everything from workflow side looks good, but still this error, well with no where to go I have looked into user guide, and noticed that in transaction type setup I have left the column "Fulfillment Flow" BLANK.
Please Note that Once Quote has negotiated and Approved it will be converted into sales Order. But in my case I have left the "Fulfillment Flow? BLANK, so system was not able to create the Sales Order and throwing Error.

I just Assign the Fulfillment Flow = Order Flow - Generic and once again tried "Progress Order?, well as expected Quotes converted in Sales Order.

Few other Tips

1. In case you want to retain the Quote Number as Sales Order #, please check the check box "Retain Document Number" in transaction type.

2.Though Quotes completely depend upon the Quote Header Workflow, we still need to assign the Line workflow in the Transaction Type for the quote, plus assign Line workflow to quote line.
Reason = Once the Quote converted into Sales Order, System will assign the workflow associated with the quite lines to Sales Order Line.

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