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Dec 2, 2009

How to Create Return in Oracle Receiving

In this blog I will explain how to create Retun in Receiving

Navigation > Receiving > Receipt >Go to Customer Tab > Enter RMA #
Press Find Button

In the receipt Form , you can see all the open lines for RMA.Check the line for which you want to create receipt , Update the quantity if required ,
Enter the Subinventory  and other details based on your setup Press Save button.

On Save , system will uptomatically submit the "Receiving Transaction Processor" concurrent Program.

Now If you don't want to accept the complete RMA quantity from customer,we can TWO options

1.During Inspection , Reject the quantity  that we don't want to accept from customer.
2.Retun the Quantity that we don't want to accept from the customer.

Option -1 : After we Receive the good, Perform the Inspection and then Reject the quantity .

Option -2 : After we receive the good , navigate to > Return , Query for RMA# and then return quantity , also in "Return TO" Enter "Customer".

Navigate  to Receiving transaction > Query for RMA # , Please note that now Quantity available for receiving is = Total Quantity - Return Quantity.

Receive the good as required , it will submit the "Receiving Transaction Processor" concurrent Program ,update the inventory , progress workflow from "Wait for receiving activity" and push the credit memo data to AR Interface tables.

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