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Dec 5, 2009

QuickShip UI on Oracle Order Management

Recently , I have received 1 query from my reader about the "Defer Interface" in quick ship UI in Order management.To my surprise I have never look into this UI.But after analyzing this UI I found it very very interesting.With this UI I need not to move to and fro between the tabs in Shipping transaction form, all the information about the
  1. Delivery
  2. Trips
  3. Delivery Details
  4. Freight Cost , Documents etc
available on same UI.

below are few Screen shots of UI.

As shown in UI we can see all the details about the delivery , trips and delivery details on same UI. 

Freight Cost UI will let us allow enter the freight Cost associated with the delivery.


Ship Confirm UI will let us do the Ship Confirm

 I found QuipShip UI very interested and easy to use and it really help user doing work fatsre and more efficently.

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