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Jan 5, 2010

ADF Page Based on Web Services (oe_order_pub.process_order)

In this Blog I will explain with explain how to create ADF Pages based on the Web services.Here I will take the example of creation of webservice based on PL/SQL API OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER.This API is integral part of Oracle Order management .Main feature of this API is to

  • Create Sales Order

Once ADF Page Ready , it will create Sales Order in Oracle Order Management , based on the input Parameters.

Components involves in my test case are

  1. PL/SQL API wrapper that will call OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER.

  2. Webservice based on wrapper (Step 1).

  3. ADF Page

Step# 1 - Create Wrapper database Function which call the OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER. (For complete info about how to create Sales Order with OE_ORDER_PUB , please refer my previous blog on that).

Step #2 - Call the Wizard to create Webservice based on PL/SQL package.

Step # 3 - Create the data Control for the web Service.
Step #4 - Go to the View Controller Project in Jdev and select adfc-fages. Drag and Drop "View Component " on the adfc-faces.xml and Name it Sales Order.
Step #5- Drag "Split-Panel" on the Sales Order Page.
Step#6 - Drag and Drop the Data Control for web Services on the adf Page and Select "Parameter Page" from the pop-up menu  .System will create the adf-page with the wen-Service data control as shown below.

Run your page.Enter the Input parameter as shown in below diagram (left Hand side).Press the Create Order Button and System will Create the Sales Order and Lines in Oracle Order Management Application and Display the
Order # , Order Header ID and Booked Flag on Right hand Side ( as shown below).

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