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Oct 14, 2009

Defaulting Rules Not Working for OM

Oracle Order Management offers a very interesting functionality of defaulting rules that default lot of values values while entering the sales orders, like default of shipping/payments etc information on order lines from order header. Very common mistake that business user made is, they define the defaulting rule, but forget to generate the defaulting rules.

When ever we update or create a defaulting rule, please Navigate to  - Tools - generate the defaulting rule. This will submit the defaulting rule generation concurrent program.

In case you have updated lot of defaulting rules, and don't want to generate the defaulting rule in above manner for each and every change, in that case after making all the changes, just submitted the defaulting rules generation concurrent program.


  1. Do you have a method to create defualting rules via script/programatically? I have 3 instances that I have to update as our process change, and would love to be able to submit them via PLSQL.

  2. Hi Dave

    I am assuming this is related to the custom defaulting Rules that customer has defined.There is no such uility available to migrate defaulting rules from instance to instance.But one option is "do select statement from the defaulting rules tables from the instance where DRules has defined and then Insert those valus in same tables in destinantion instance".I have never done that before , so my experience in this area is NULL :).

    But unless there are large # of rules you can suggest customer to define those Manually . I know that is hard job , but pretty much safe.