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May 10, 2013

Oracle SalesOrder Line Stuck with Deferred Status

Many a time I have heard from my clients that Sales Order line stuck at the DEFERRED status and is not progress by the workflow background process for hours n days..

My Initial reaction is "check if these lines are in DEFERRED status because of valid reason like

  1. they are part of ATO/PTO MODEL
  2. they are part of FULFILLMENT set.

But if lines are not part of Set /Model then for sure workflow for these lines stuck in the DEFERRED status because of corruption of DEFERRED workflow Queue.

Oracle Support most of time advised to REBUILD the DEFERRED workflow queue , and scripts for same available at and believe me that is the best and permanent solution ( though it is little time consuming).

In case you are looking for some quick fix to progress critical orders then you can  "RETRY" the activity that stuck at the DEFERRED status and majority of the time doing RETRY on the activity progress the workflow .

NOTE - As I have said earlier there could be a valid reason that lines stuck at the DEFERRED workflow activity in that case RETRY is not good option , so before you look for RETRY make sure that you have analyzed your data well.

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