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Oct 9, 2009

Design Formatted Reports with Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise (How- To -Do)

This blog is for people who want to learn "How to Design" BI Publisher report with BI Publisher Enterprise.

Below Quote is from
BI Publisher is enterprise reporting solution for authoring, managing, and delivering all your highly formatted documents, such as operational reports, electronic funds transfer documents, government PDF forms, shipping labels, checks, sales and marketing letters, and much more. Built on open standards, Oracle BI Publisher also allows IT Staff and developers to create data models against practically any data source and build custom reporting applications that leverage existing infrastructure. Oracle BI Publisher can generate tens of thousands of documents per hour with minimal impact to transactional systems. Reports can be designed using familiar desktop products and viewed online or scheduled for delivery to a wide range of destinations.

In this blog I will explain how to design the BI Publisher reports with BI Publisher Enterprise.Advantage of using BI Publisher is , it allows us to design reports with some of best tools available
1.Microsft Office tools (Microsoft Word/Excel)
3.Oracle database are few.

#1 Login to BI Publisher Enterprise.Navigate to Folder where you want to design your Report.Create your report.

#2 Define your Data Model in BI

#3 Design the Query with the Query Builder (believe me Query builder make life very Easy).

#4 . Defin the Joins ( No need to flip between table to look for columns ).You have options of defining

#5 Select the columns that you want to display in report.

#6 Add your WHERE clause in declerative manner .

#7 View your Final Query.

#8 You can not only View your query but you can see the actual data pulled be query from Oracle database.

#9 Design your parameter and LOV for parameter.

#10 LOV for parameter.

#11 Parameter.

#12 . Add Parameter to Report and system will build where clause itself.

#13 .Do your Testing for Parameters.

#14 Design Layout

#15 Open the Microsoft World and go to Oracle BI Publisher > Log ON

#16 System will prompt you to LOGIN to BI Publisher

#17 navigate to your Folder where you have your report.
Select your report .

#18 As we want to build new report, select and press"Open Report".System will take you back to Microsoft word, and at the same time will load the data in Word in XML format.You need not to load the data.

#19 From BI Publisher Component select "INSERT"

#20 In this example I will design Master Detail Report.Master will be in FORM (layout) and Details will be in TABLE(Layout).
Start with Master , Select Insert > Wizard > Free Form


#22 Select the TABLE ( for Detail)

#23 Layout ready.

#24 try to run by selecting "Preview " from BI publisher component and system will prompt you to save template .

#25 Run it now.

#26 If you want to change the Format of any of field , Just double click field in Microsoft Word and make the required changes in Property Window as shown below

#27 Change Format

#28 Add Summary columns (beleive me itis very easy).In below slide I have just added Sum of Amount.

#29 Run the Report

#30 Save the template back to BI Publisher Enterprise.

#31 Save it.

#32 Run the report and look for your template and then View.

#33 Report .

#34 Report & Parameter Window.


  1. que bueno, pero el Query Builder no me funciona a mi,yo tengo la consulta ya hecha dede el Answers , y la quiero ejecutar en el Query Builder, pero me devuelve muchos errores de sintaxis, sab├ęs como realizar un UNION con el QB ??


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  3. Is there any way I can convert that in english.


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