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May 2, 2009

How to Customize COGS Workflow.

How to customized Standard Cost of Goods Account (COGS) workflow to derive COGS from Order Type.

Oracle has provided Standard COGS workflow to derive cost of goods sold (COGS) account from Inventory Item (defined in Shipping Organization).
If there is requirement to derived the COGS account based on the Order type , we need to customized the Standard workflow.

Follow the below steps to customized the workflow.
1.Open the standard workflow in workflow builder.
2.Copy the Standard Workflow "Generate Default Account (DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_GENERATION) " and name it XX_DEFAULT_ACCOUNT_GENERATION (custom_Generate Default Account ).
2.Remove the link between START and "Get CCID for a line".
3.Add New function "Get CCID from the Order Type ID(GET_ORDER_TYPE_DERIVED).
4.Make link between START and function GET_ORDER_TYPE_DERIVED.
5.Remove the function Get CCID for a line(GET_ITEM_DERIVED).
6.Connect the GET_ORDER_TYPE_DERIVED with Copy Values from Code Combination (FND_FLEX_COPY_FROM_COMB) for Result = "Success" and connect GET_ORDER_TYPE_DERIVED with Abort generating Code Combination(FND_FLEX_ABORT_GENERATION" for result ="Failure"
7.Verify the Workflow.
8.Save in database.
9.Test the complete Process from APPS.In R11 COGS workflow would be called during Interface Trip stop(ITS) , where as in R12 COGS workflow would be called from CLOSE line Subprocess.

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