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Apr 6, 2009

Oracle ADF

Oracle ADF tools has introduced for simplification of application development.
ADF makes it easy to develop application based on standards. With ADF , developer need not to learn everything about J2EE for design and development. In nutshell ADF provide declarative way to do the things. E.g drag and Drop.

In ADF oracle has introduced around 150 AJAX based control and it’s provide very easy approach to bind the business services /components with user interface.

ADF has very rich Client Components and it offers
Rich Internet Applications
Rich enterprise applications
ADF faces
150+ Ajax controls
Data visualization components

Key feature of ADF’s key are
Declarative approach (drag/Drop)
Data Binding

Other key feature of ADF is Task flow

Task flows are logical unit of page flows and can be bounded or unbounded task flows. Task flows is extension of page flow and has designed on top of JSF.

Unbounded task flows - they are act as entry point to an application and have following characteristics.
First entry on task flow.
There is no boundary or single point of entry.
They Cannot be used as region on a page.
They Can be used a bookmarker.

Bounded taskflow –
They are modular blocks of task flow, and have following characteristics.
They have only one entry point and zero or more exit points.
They can be use as region on a page.
They offer transaction management (commit/rollback).
Bookmark feature is not available.

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