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Apr 1, 2019

How to enable FND Debug for Oracle OTL

To set FND logging you need to set the following FND system profiles at User Level (User reproducing the issue) 
  1. FND: Debug Log Enabled - Yes 
  2. FND: Debug Log Level - Statement 
  3. FND: Debug Log Module - per.plsql.% 

Logout then login to the Applications 

Get the user id of your user
select user_id
from fnd_user
where user_name = '????'

Delete the existing messages for this user
delete fnd_log_messages
where user_id = ????

Recreate/Reproduce  the issue
Run this query from any Sql Tool and export the results grid to an excel spreadsheet.
select *
from fnd_log_messages
where user_id = ????
order by log_sequence

Turn off the logging when done

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